2016 Sedona


Combining functionality, space and refinement into an excellent package, the 2016 Sedona will provide you with everything you could want from your vehicle. Adding onto the fantastic 2015 model with more features, if you want something out of a car, the Sedona is going to provide it for you in a number of ways. From the comfortable seats, the excellent fuel mileage, and just the great look of the vehicle, you can get so much from the Sedona for a relatively affordable price.

It all begins with the 3.3-liter V6 engine that packs 276 horsepower under the hood. In addition to the power, you get a quiet ride because of the sound-proofing that comes in many labors around the engine. When you are sitting in the vehicle, it will be a smooth and quiet ride for you.

The style of the Sedona offers quality materials inside, while creating an excellent exterior that is highly stylish. From the LED running lamps, to the swept-back headlamps, the sleek look will surely turn some heads while you are cruising down the road. It may look like a minivan, but its smooth features give it a luxury look that is not found in many minivan-type vehicles. The window line is very solid, giving a clear view of around the vehicle from any angle. The two-tone look and piano-black trim provides even more style to an already stylish vehicle.

For anyone riding in the Sedona, they are going to notice the comfort it provides, as you will too. One of the quietest vehicles of its type, the padding, and sound deadening features of the Sedona really keep things quiet inside the vehicle. The spacious interior will allow you to haul a bunch of groceries, or a four-foot by eight-foot piece of plywood. One of the biggest pluses of the 2016 Sedona is the fact that it has so much space. If space is important to you, then the 2016 Sedona is the right vehicle for your needs.

Safety is going to be important to you, and your safety is important to Kia. The Kia has several safety features to ensure you and your family are going to be okay when out driving in the city or the country. Features such as Bluetooth connectivity, surround-view cameras, as well as 76-per cent high-strength steel ensures a safe ride for everyone in the 2016 Sedona. Federal regulators have given the 2016 Sedona a five-star rating and "Good" scores throughout the crash tests.

Lastly, looking at fuel economy the 2016 Sedona provides good fuel economy for the type of vehicle that it is. While not as good as the Rio, it is still fantastic for a crossover variety of minivan. With electric-assist power steering, it gets 18 miles per gallon in the city, 24 miles per gallon on the highway and 20 miles per gallon combined.

If you need a lot of storage space, a lot of power, and still great fuel efficiency and safety features, then the 2016 Sedona is the right vehicle for you.

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